• R Haryanto

    Photographer, Indonesia


    My first encounter with photography was in 1990 when I used camera mostly to document my exploration of the outdoor life, nature and landscapes. From there I became passionate about taking photographs. Since 2004, I started to give up my other careers and focus solely on photography. For my professional assignment, I use a digital camera, from 35 mm to medium format, but I never bound to a specific brand. I use different kind of cameras such as 35 mm Fujifilm, Canon, Nikon, Sony; and medium format cameras such as Leaf Aptus, Hasselblad and Phaseone, Fujifilm depend on the assignment. My assignments mostly are industrial, aerial, cultural and architectural photography.

    As I learn more about photography I became interested in the black and white photography, and I wanted to learn to make my own prints. In 2005, I started to use medium and large format camera, and I began to learn the scientific process of producing black and white photographs. I have my own darkroom, develop and printing my own negative, using a chemical that I make from scratch. In learning photography, I am very much an autodidactic learner, teaching myself the science and art of photography through extensive books and trustable internet sources.

    I love to photograph stunning landscapes and enchanted by details and gesture in nature photography. My works are mostly influent by photographer Ansel Adams and John Sexton. Inspired by them specially by the technical aspect of Zone System, I also applied a realistic approach to photography which relying on sharp focus and awareness on contrast and tonal balancing, to form a perfect composition.

    To achieve those standard I use large format and medium format camera. I use the Ebony 4×5 View Camera, Sinar P 4×5 and Linhof Master Technica 2000 4×5. I also use Hasselblad 500 series, which are the 501C, 503CX, Flex Body; and RolleiSL66. The large format and medium format camera provides me with a smooth tonal transition, which gives a three-dimensional effect to the photograph. But to be able to create such photograph it requires the right combination of specific film, lens and chemical, with a special standard of film development, as well as the technical capability of using the camera to get the perfect exposure from my visualization.

  • Work as full time photographer since 2004 for various companies and international organizations such as the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), Conocophillips, Noble Energy, Sampoerna Foundation, Chevron, and etc.

  • Teaching photography since 2009 in various photography workshops and courses.

  • Owner of Selenium Photography, based in Jakarta, Indonesia.


  • United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP)
  • UN-REDD Programme Indonesia
  • Sampoerna Foundations
  • Conoco Phillips
  • Chevron
  • Noble Energy
  • Pusat Data Arsitektur
  • Kementrian Pekerjaan Umum
  • Prima Coal
  • Pinang Coal
  • Talisman
  • BPMigas
  • Indopoly Plastic
  • Indovision
  • The Ministry of Education and Culture
  • National Museum Of¬†Indonesia
  • Jakarta Hilton Convention Center
  • Desa Sigma
  • Hukum Online
  • Assegaf Hamzah and Partners (AHP)
  • PT. VALE Indonesia
  • FUJIFILM Indonesia